Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ulysses S. Grant: The Land of Salt

This concept first hatched in my brain as the third chapter of the Lincoln Moon Zombie War, many, many moons ago. I had not drawn anything except preliminary sketches, the bare start of an idea with concept posters like this one I generally create a back story and The Land Of Salt is one which I personally believe has a little more to it. the Premise; On a parallel earth the Great Salt Lake in Utah USA is the site of adimensional rift. Through this rift beings arrive who immediately start transforming the area into a landscape of erie salt crystals - an environment that these creatures need to survive. Aftert the initial incident a military commander, Ulysses S. Grant (in the real world a post civil war US president) is despatched to monitor the area. Literally one man and his army - a towering nearly indestructible Sentient Robot Protection Unit (SRPU) called Persistence. These two titans monitor and patrol the now alien sector of earth.

So with NOWCON 2015 nearly upon us (March 21st 2015) I thought I would organised and create prints to sell. I now have a limited run of 30 The Land Of Salt A3 posters for sale (of the drawing on the right) and seriously considering doing an ultra limited run of 15 at some point in the future (of the drawing on the left). Stay tuned.

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