Tuesday, December 30, 2014

HMOP Films Presents


These are the films of my dreams, combining my love of anthropomorphism and movies. The main reason I created these is because these are films I want to see. And with all the clamouring for comic / fantasy etc properties that ain't DC or MARVEL, I am in with a chance of these films being made. Albeit a snow balls chance in hell. You never know. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


After not updating my Blog for sometime, I thought I would post snapshots of my most recently completed series LOST MEN. Essentially this plays on the motif of the hero, when the realisation of loss, doubt or failure becomes apparent and insurmountable. The characters are uttering statements not so much related to the scifi and fantasy genre these works are so heavily based, but reflect issues that I have had relating to anxiety. As an individual who suffers from anxiety, LOST MEN has help me reflect and process, while also creating an absurd contrast within the work. I am most proud of this element of truth which I gave to this series. I have discovered that the more you give something of your self, the easier it is to realise. I am already embarking on my next project which I am very excited about and will post pictures ASAP. Stay tuned.