Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War - 7th Drawing Begun, Early Stages

Even though this is the bare bones of a drawing, I like where this going. Also having not posted any new LMZW posts since completeing the promotional poster, any creative movement on this project is well overdue. 

This is the first back shot of the narrative. Big deal I hear you say? Well...I have semi intentionally been creating narative images keeping attention away form that area of Lincolns space suit. This is because I really wanted to establish Lincoln and his presence in every drawing, until the focus began to turn to his adversary. Also I love the idea of using a back shot to set a tone and show the viewer a different aspect of an image that, over the course of the narrative, has become more familiar. Even though the background is not in place you get the idea, Lincoln is getting ready for a throw down. What is that cylindrical object lincoln has detached from the top of his air tank? I wonder...hmmm.

We are not at the end, but the end game is underway. Stay Tuned...