Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War - promotional poster

What is a zombie war with out a good poster? I have had this composition in my head for a while and creating a promotional poster kind of gave me an avenue to do so. I really wanted to draw a conglomerated image of Lincoln wit the moon behind him , holding his helmet and looking like he is about to hurt something undead. The slogan 'he will not tarry long comes from a phrase I read from a historical account of Lincoln's adventures and wonderings from his youth; where he fought a wresteler and then moved on. Just like that. Not needing to 'tarry' in that place longer than he needed just like the zombies on the moon is something well within his wheelhouse. For now. 

This promotional poster will be a aprt of the LMZW series, to complement the narrative and display this saturday to the good folks who will be attending NOWCON this saturday the 22nd September. I will have a an HMOP stall with various wares, artwork, some LMZW pages for display and...a few surprises. It should be an awesome day. Stay tuned

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