Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The price of war - 6th Drawering complete

After much time spent doing other things, the 6th drawing is complete. I said a lot about this in the last post when I posted an inprogress enrty. I still like it for the sane reason and I am fairly happy with the end result. The hatching and illusion of perspective worked in the background worked out better than I thought, so that was a bonus with a drawing I was already fairly happy with.

And so what next? As stated before read my last post, I pretty much covered it...well by 'covering it' I hinted at it alot. I am just keen to get to the next drawing, where the action shall begin. It ain't gonna be zombies. It ain't gonna be easy. But it will sure be alot of fun - as this Lincolm Moon Zombie War has been from the start.

It comes. Soon. Stay tuned.