Monday, June 4, 2012

The war continues...preview of 6th drawering.

Well, the war resumes. After finishing some commisioned work  (yay!), I pretty much started this drawering directly after. Like 'put the pen down, make a nice cup of tea and start drawing again' directly after. The outlined picture with no blocks of black is the result of that quick turn around. I feel that doing something different in the midst of this epic (and by epic a lot of workin terms of drawing) has stetched my legs creatively and I belive that's why this, more than any other in the series, has flowed really easily and conveyed what I want it to convey. My brief respite from the war has also given me the juice I need to embark on the home stetch of this drawing narrative. For those that care or have been following the series you may find it interesting that the composition of this pannel was ment to occur earlier in the series but proved really difficult, and I stuffed that drawing up. I started the drawing again and the fifth drawing came into beingBut this for me...this is worth the wait, for a few reasons.

Firstly, the dialogue in the 6th pannel identifies the specific type of threat, albeit enigmatically, that Lincolm will be facing. His espression, which for me is the thing I am proudest of, is indicating a weight that comes with the enormity of knowledge of what you are facing. Secondly, you will get to see what has been the source of the pestilence in New Austria (all signs point to > the next drawering following this one). And I have been busting to draw it from the moment that I had the idea. The preliminary sketches of this...enity...worked well and to see it fully rendered will be cool. Thirdly and finally, I get to draw a really whacky and fun throwdown!! The next pannel and consequent reveal is almost formed in my mind, but the fight itself will form in time. But I do have a distinct end in mind. Don't worry, I will do my best to make this worth the effort I have put into it. Stay tuned.

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