Sunday, April 15, 2012

TheLincoln Moon Zombie War: Update

The Status of the current narrative artwork is about half way, but after having to scrap the drawing twice before being reasonable happy with the third attempt. My Promarker ran out of steam after being solidly exausted by colouring vast areas of deep space. So I got a new one. I thought about posting a halfway picture but I thought these would be a bit more interesting.

These are thumbnails taken from a master drawing / mind map thingy that, if you saw it, would give away some major details regarding, entity I supose..?..reponsible for the walking dead astronauts, a draft / visaul reference for one of these cheery folks is pictured above.

Also some very early preliminary pics of how I envisioned Lincoln. I feel each time I draw Abe it changes even though I am referenceing the same drawings and photographs. The building / base pictures are earlier versions of the New Austria base camp. I attepmted to do an x-ray type drawing to give myself an idea of propotions and, as silly as silly as it sounds, to give myself an idea of how it would work a functional base camp.

I will try to get something up in the very near future. I greatly appreciate the efforts of anyone who is bothering to read this. I am posting this more as a record of what I am doing and as a portfolio of not only my drawering, but how I create that work. It really is just gravy if people are following this. So thankyou.

Stay tuned.

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