Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War; fourth drawering complete.

The fouth pannel in the Lincoln Moon Zombie War is finished and as previously mentioned in the last post, not without afew attempts to get the picture right. I must admit at the halfway point I was keen on a fourth try but I made it work for me. The more visual noise that was added to the picture the easier it got to bring this drawering to a satisfactory conclusion.

I also want to thank Dan at Not Just Comics. He has been very supportive of this project and has often encouraged me to crank out the next pannel. He also has a fantastic shop, supports other local artists in their endeavors as well as being a master of the pen himself. 

I have a fairly good Idea of what to draw next, as we are getting a little closer to the pointy end of this Narrative. Stay tuned.

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