Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War; 5th drawing complete

Lincoln is putting the hurt down on an undead astronaut. It has also stuck me that Lincoln is very tall making the zombie look rather small. But I thought about it; if that Zombie was upright it woul be a whisker bellow lincolns sholder, and why cant someone who works and becomes undead in the New Austria Base Camp be shorter?

This was a difficult drawering to create. I scratched a fairly complete first attempt because the composition was cluttered and lincolns head was all wrong. Then the idea of the pistol whiping hit me, to pardon the pun. Also managed to map out rough outlines of the narrative upto the tenth pannel. This is important because even if the drawering doesn't turn out the way it was initially intended it gives me a guide to the compostion. A starting point is proving very important in this narrative.

I am taking a very brief break from this project, stretching my legs creatively and embarking on slightly intriguing side project. To those that care, It will only be brief and I will return to the war forth with. Stay tuned.

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