Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War - the offensive

After virtually exhausting my promarker while inking the depths of space and gambling on a good drawing with my last piece of paper, the third panel of The Lincoln Moon Zombie War is complete. I completed this over about four days in roughly under four-ish hours. The most time consuming aspect being the drawing the empty blackness, and giving my promarker little breaks so I could complete it's job before dying in the line of duty.

Generally pretty happy with this one. I would say more than any idea in the LMZW concept, this image was formed in my brain and pretty much turned out looking as I intended with no real wonkiness changing the elements of drawing. The next few pages will focus on action and abit less on talking. I know one panel will just be an image with no words. I am hoping to cover Lincoln's run to the New Austria base in three drawings. The focus and perspective in the next three drawings will change as they have in this image, were a sense of scale of the lunarscape is conveyed. 

I have included a halfway point drawing giving you all an idea how my 'drawering' process works. I am out of paper, will get more shortly. More Lincoln moon madness to come. Stay tuned. 

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