Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Lincoln Moon Zombie War - New Austria

This drawing is building up to an action sequence. In turn picks up the pace but will expidentially increase the degree of difficulty of drawing for myself. I need to set a scene however briefly before I can drasw all the fun stuff - where Lincoln cuts a path through at least five zombies and finds the owner the odd space craft, has very large feet and whom seems to be giving the residents of New Austria Base a case of undeadness. I have just been researching a creature (big hint; it exist in mythology) and I am keen to draw it, you all will not see it unitl, well...for a while.

Considering the amount of time these are taking, a resolution to this series may be prolonged. On the bright side a larger colection of drawings can be produced. This is definitely a more challenging series of works and for now I am enjoying the direction it is taking me. I am also enjoying drawing retrospace stuff. I know the New Austria Base may resemble a Kitchen Aid toaster, but that is kind of how I wanted it - like a function sturdy object dropped / lowered from another larger vessel. Foot prints are also something to consider. Once you make them on the moon, they stay there until someone or something covers them over. I am making it a point to draw foot prints through out each drawing where necessary. Plus it helps in creating some kind of sense of perspective.

Will try and get these works completed and up on this blog ASAP. To any one who reads this, thank you for your interts and sorry for making you wait between installments. Stay tuned.