Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The War begins....

The Lincoln Moon Zombie War is turning out to be a of fun. Well, for me anyway. In this picture we see a 3/4 finished opening drawing of the narrative. Note to any one who cares; a lunar land scape (or my interpretation of one) really quick and effective to draw. Lots of 'scuffing' and simple sketchy detail which may have taken all of 10 minutes to get down on paper.

Also in this photo are two great books kind of serving as an inspiration for this project. The book on Abraham Lincoln I found randomly at the Library, it is a 'school facty book' that was published in 1981. It contains some fantastic pictures and early photos of the man himself, as well as certain passages detailing Lincoln's physical abilities. It says among other things he could hold an ax horizontally by the end of the handle for sustained periods. Even toward the end of his life. That is not an easy thing to do. Further proof the dude was a powerhouse.

'Surviving The Zombie Outbreak' was an awesome Christmas gift from my wife. It is a highly detailed and in it's own way highly useful that has handy tips for surviving in a post cataclysm world. Although this book really is most effective when utilised during a zombie outbreak. 

Stay tuned. More ideas forming. Will post finished pics of 2nd drawing ASAP.

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