Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Lincoln Moon Zombie War

After a hiatus of sorts, I am back into drawing attempting what may be my most technically daring project. It has long been an ambition of mine to create a visual narrative; kind of like a comic told in a much simpler visual format (minimal images / drawing panels / some text and speech clouds). Each drawing can be viewed individually and if the series is viewed in it's entirity  (hopefully) a narrative becomes apparent. 

Which brings us to 'The Lincoln Moon Zombie War'. The visual narrative will depict a battle between Abraham Lincoln and zombie astronuats, taking place on the moon of course. that is about as simply as I can explain this concept, which has been influenced by a growing interest Abraham Lincoln and the possibility of him possessing super strength (thanks to Peter for setting me on this course). 

I am begining the second drawing (that initiates the narrative) and I find myself attempting things unprecedented in recent years; perspective, landscapes, complicated viewpoints. This has a knock on effect creating a higher degree of difficulty because of the way I draw (ink with no pencils). Also having to redraw Lincoln and the Zombies from previous drawings can be tricky - but the more I draw them the easier it gets. Aesthetically, the work is looking very different. In a sesne this is the most satisfying part of the whole process, creating a whole new stylistic appoach to embody an idea.

Stay tuned. The Lincoln Zombie Moon War has only just begun...

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