Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War; First darwing complete.

First narrative drawing completed. I don't count the title page because it's the set up, not the story. Lots of black space, literally. This one was fun and very satisfying to draw. Some ideas crystalising for the next one. But right now I need to sleep.


Just put a better pic up, realised the that one was blurry this morning. Must give props to the iPhone 4S and it's improved camera, letting me post pictures so easily and with reasonable quality. My recently purchased Letraset Promarker helped me render the blackness of space with relative ease. It is giving my seldom used Corpic pen a run for it's money. Before you ask I have not sold out to Apple or doing adin in general, just giving my tools their due. These are the resources and means means I employ to create my drawings and post them on this blog. If Sharing this information can help others in their own practice I'm all for that. 

The idea for the next narrative drawing is becoming clearer. May start drawing soonish. I also must give thanks to my corporate sponsers Coke, Pepsi, Hasbro, Matel, McDonalds, Apple and those people that invented Neenish Tarts. 

Stay tuned.

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  1. Can't wait to see this one finished. If its a shortist page count I would love to include it as a backup story in one of my upcoming publications.