Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War; First darwing complete.

First narrative drawing completed. I don't count the title page because it's the set up, not the story. Lots of black space, literally. This one was fun and very satisfying to draw. Some ideas crystalising for the next one. But right now I need to sleep.


Just put a better pic up, realised the that one was blurry this morning. Must give props to the iPhone 4S and it's improved camera, letting me post pictures so easily and with reasonable quality. My recently purchased Letraset Promarker helped me render the blackness of space with relative ease. It is giving my seldom used Corpic pen a run for it's money. Before you ask I have not sold out to Apple or doing adin in general, just giving my tools their due. These are the resources and means means I employ to create my drawings and post them on this blog. If Sharing this information can help others in their own practice I'm all for that. 

The idea for the next narrative drawing is becoming clearer. May start drawing soonish. I also must give thanks to my corporate sponsers Coke, Pepsi, Hasbro, Matel, McDonalds, Apple and those people that invented Neenish Tarts. 

Stay tuned.

The War begins....

The Lincoln Moon Zombie War is turning out to be a of fun. Well, for me anyway. In this picture we see a 3/4 finished opening drawing of the narrative. Note to any one who cares; a lunar land scape (or my interpretation of one) really quick and effective to draw. Lots of 'scuffing' and simple sketchy detail which may have taken all of 10 minutes to get down on paper.

Also in this photo are two great books kind of serving as an inspiration for this project. The book on Abraham Lincoln I found randomly at the Library, it is a 'school facty book' that was published in 1981. It contains some fantastic pictures and early photos of the man himself, as well as certain passages detailing Lincoln's physical abilities. It says among other things he could hold an ax horizontally by the end of the handle for sustained periods. Even toward the end of his life. That is not an easy thing to do. Further proof the dude was a powerhouse.

'Surviving The Zombie Outbreak' was an awesome Christmas gift from my wife. It is a highly detailed and in it's own way highly useful that has handy tips for surviving in a post cataclysm world. Although this book really is most effective when utilised during a zombie outbreak. 

Stay tuned. More ideas forming. Will post finished pics of 2nd drawing ASAP.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Lincoln Moon Zombie War

After a hiatus of sorts, I am back into drawing attempting what may be my most technically daring project. It has long been an ambition of mine to create a visual narrative; kind of like a comic told in a much simpler visual format (minimal images / drawing panels / some text and speech clouds). Each drawing can be viewed individually and if the series is viewed in it's entirity  (hopefully) a narrative becomes apparent. 

Which brings us to 'The Lincoln Moon Zombie War'. The visual narrative will depict a battle between Abraham Lincoln and zombie astronuats, taking place on the moon of course. that is about as simply as I can explain this concept, which has been influenced by a growing interest Abraham Lincoln and the possibility of him possessing super strength (thanks to Peter for setting me on this course). 

I am begining the second drawing (that initiates the narrative) and I find myself attempting things unprecedented in recent years; perspective, landscapes, complicated viewpoints. This has a knock on effect creating a higher degree of difficulty because of the way I draw (ink with no pencils). Also having to redraw Lincoln and the Zombies from previous drawings can be tricky - but the more I draw them the easier it gets. Aesthetically, the work is looking very different. In a sesne this is the most satisfying part of the whole process, creating a whole new stylistic appoach to embody an idea.

Stay tuned. The Lincoln Zombie Moon War has only just begun...