Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War - 7th Drawing Begun, Early Stages

Even though this is the bare bones of a drawing, I like where this going. Also having not posted any new LMZW posts since completeing the promotional poster, any creative movement on this project is well overdue. 

This is the first back shot of the narrative. Big deal I hear you say? Well...I have semi intentionally been creating narative images keeping attention away form that area of Lincolns space suit. This is because I really wanted to establish Lincoln and his presence in every drawing, until the focus began to turn to his adversary. Also I love the idea of using a back shot to set a tone and show the viewer a different aspect of an image that, over the course of the narrative, has become more familiar. Even though the background is not in place you get the idea, Lincoln is getting ready for a throw down. What is that cylindrical object lincoln has detached from the top of his air tank? I wonder...hmmm.

We are not at the end, but the end game is underway. Stay Tuned... 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Here is the new look logo for Heroic Master Of Pens, with the Space Otter front and centre. Horay! So here's to the Noble Spartium Lutra. Go get'em little guy! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Logo Design - Space Otters

Drawing animals as a part of The Cake Store Animal Portraits has been fun. And it got me thinking; the HMOP logo needs something. It needs a symbolic animal that embodies everything I strive for as a artist. Then, on holiday it appeared from the ether on a rainy day - Spatium Lutra, the Space Otter.

More to come, stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War - promotional poster

What is a zombie war with out a good poster? I have had this composition in my head for a while and creating a promotional poster kind of gave me an avenue to do so. I really wanted to draw a conglomerated image of Lincoln wit the moon behind him , holding his helmet and looking like he is about to hurt something undead. The slogan 'he will not tarry long comes from a phrase I read from a historical account of Lincoln's adventures and wonderings from his youth; where he fought a wresteler and then moved on. Just like that. Not needing to 'tarry' in that place longer than he needed just like the zombies on the moon is something well within his wheelhouse. For now. 

This promotional poster will be a aprt of the LMZW series, to complement the narrative and display this saturday to the good folks who will be attending NOWCON this saturday the 22nd September. I will have a an HMOP stall with various wares, artwork, some LMZW pages for display and...a few surprises. It should be an awesome day. Stay tuned

Cake Store Portraits now on display.

I have been enaged in a very intertsting project for the good people at The Cake Store in Nowra. Working with propieters Dani and Glenn we created a unique concept that has been an absolute pleasure for me as the 'drawer' to realise. This series of drawings is based on information from Cake Store patrons whom I depict as various types of animals with slight human affectations. Drawing animals in detail is always fun and has sharpened up my skills and obeservation of the defining characteristics and inherent personality that animals can often convey. This will be on going, so more pics will be posted as this series continues to grow and inhabbit the walls of The Cake Store. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The price of war - 6th Drawering complete

After much time spent doing other things, the 6th drawing is complete. I said a lot about this in the last post when I posted an inprogress enrty. I still like it for the sane reason and I am fairly happy with the end result. The hatching and illusion of perspective worked in the background worked out better than I thought, so that was a bonus with a drawing I was already fairly happy with.

And so what next? As stated before read my last post, I pretty much covered it...well by 'covering it' I hinted at it alot. I am just keen to get to the next drawing, where the action shall begin. It ain't gonna be zombies. It ain't gonna be easy. But it will sure be alot of fun - as this Lincolm Moon Zombie War has been from the start.

It comes. Soon. Stay tuned.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

The war continues...preview of 6th drawering.

Well, the war resumes. After finishing some commisioned work  (yay!), I pretty much started this drawering directly after. Like 'put the pen down, make a nice cup of tea and start drawing again' directly after. The outlined picture with no blocks of black is the result of that quick turn around. I feel that doing something different in the midst of this epic (and by epic a lot of workin terms of drawing) has stetched my legs creatively and I belive that's why this, more than any other in the series, has flowed really easily and conveyed what I want it to convey. My brief respite from the war has also given me the juice I need to embark on the home stetch of this drawing narrative. For those that care or have been following the series you may find it interesting that the composition of this pannel was ment to occur earlier in the series but proved really difficult, and I stuffed that drawing up. I started the drawing again and the fifth drawing came into beingBut this for me...this is worth the wait, for a few reasons.

Firstly, the dialogue in the 6th pannel identifies the specific type of threat, albeit enigmatically, that Lincolm will be facing. His espression, which for me is the thing I am proudest of, is indicating a weight that comes with the enormity of knowledge of what you are facing. Secondly, you will get to see what has been the source of the pestilence in New Austria (all signs point to > the next drawering following this one). And I have been busting to draw it from the moment that I had the idea. The preliminary sketches of this...enity...worked well and to see it fully rendered will be cool. Thirdly and finally, I get to draw a really whacky and fun throwdown!! The next pannel and consequent reveal is almost formed in my mind, but the fight itself will form in time. But I do have a distinct end in mind. Don't worry, I will do my best to make this worth the effort I have put into it. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War; 5th drawing complete

Lincoln is putting the hurt down on an undead astronaut. It has also stuck me that Lincoln is very tall making the zombie look rather small. But I thought about it; if that Zombie was upright it woul be a whisker bellow lincolns sholder, and why cant someone who works and becomes undead in the New Austria Base Camp be shorter?

This was a difficult drawering to create. I scratched a fairly complete first attempt because the composition was cluttered and lincolns head was all wrong. Then the idea of the pistol whiping hit me, to pardon the pun. Also managed to map out rough outlines of the narrative upto the tenth pannel. This is important because even if the drawering doesn't turn out the way it was initially intended it gives me a guide to the compostion. A starting point is proving very important in this narrative.

I am taking a very brief break from this project, stretching my legs creatively and embarking on slightly intriguing side project. To those that care, It will only be brief and I will return to the war forth with. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War; fourth drawering complete.

The fouth pannel in the Lincoln Moon Zombie War is finished and as previously mentioned in the last post, not without afew attempts to get the picture right. I must admit at the halfway point I was keen on a fourth try but I made it work for me. The more visual noise that was added to the picture the easier it got to bring this drawering to a satisfactory conclusion.

I also want to thank Dan at Not Just Comics. He has been very supportive of this project and has often encouraged me to crank out the next pannel. He also has a fantastic shop, supports other local artists in their endeavors as well as being a master of the pen himself. 

I have a fairly good Idea of what to draw next, as we are getting a little closer to the pointy end of this Narrative. Stay tuned.

TheLincoln Moon Zombie War: Update

The Status of the current narrative artwork is about half way, but after having to scrap the drawing twice before being reasonable happy with the third attempt. My Promarker ran out of steam after being solidly exausted by colouring vast areas of deep space. So I got a new one. I thought about posting a halfway picture but I thought these would be a bit more interesting.

These are thumbnails taken from a master drawing / mind map thingy that, if you saw it, would give away some major details regarding, entity I supose..?..reponsible for the walking dead astronauts, a draft / visaul reference for one of these cheery folks is pictured above.

Also some very early preliminary pics of how I envisioned Lincoln. I feel each time I draw Abe it changes even though I am referenceing the same drawings and photographs. The building / base pictures are earlier versions of the New Austria base camp. I attepmted to do an x-ray type drawing to give myself an idea of propotions and, as silly as silly as it sounds, to give myself an idea of how it would work a functional base camp.

I will try to get something up in the very near future. I greatly appreciate the efforts of anyone who is bothering to read this. I am posting this more as a record of what I am doing and as a portfolio of not only my drawering, but how I create that work. It really is just gravy if people are following this. So thankyou.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War - the offensive

After virtually exhausting my promarker while inking the depths of space and gambling on a good drawing with my last piece of paper, the third panel of The Lincoln Moon Zombie War is complete. I completed this over about four days in roughly under four-ish hours. The most time consuming aspect being the drawing the empty blackness, and giving my promarker little breaks so I could complete it's job before dying in the line of duty.

Generally pretty happy with this one. I would say more than any idea in the LMZW concept, this image was formed in my brain and pretty much turned out looking as I intended with no real wonkiness changing the elements of drawing. The next few pages will focus on action and abit less on talking. I know one panel will just be an image with no words. I am hoping to cover Lincoln's run to the New Austria base in three drawings. The focus and perspective in the next three drawings will change as they have in this image, were a sense of scale of the lunarscape is conveyed. 

I have included a halfway point drawing giving you all an idea how my 'drawering' process works. I am out of paper, will get more shortly. More Lincoln moon madness to come. Stay tuned. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Lincoln Moon Zombie War - New Austria

This drawing is building up to an action sequence. In turn picks up the pace but will expidentially increase the degree of difficulty of drawing for myself. I need to set a scene however briefly before I can drasw all the fun stuff - where Lincoln cuts a path through at least five zombies and finds the owner the odd space craft, has very large feet and whom seems to be giving the residents of New Austria Base a case of undeadness. I have just been researching a creature (big hint; it exist in mythology) and I am keen to draw it, you all will not see it unitl, well...for a while.

Considering the amount of time these are taking, a resolution to this series may be prolonged. On the bright side a larger colection of drawings can be produced. This is definitely a more challenging series of works and for now I am enjoying the direction it is taking me. I am also enjoying drawing retrospace stuff. I know the New Austria Base may resemble a Kitchen Aid toaster, but that is kind of how I wanted it - like a function sturdy object dropped / lowered from another larger vessel. Foot prints are also something to consider. Once you make them on the moon, they stay there until someone or something covers them over. I am making it a point to draw foot prints through out each drawing where necessary. Plus it helps in creating some kind of sense of perspective.

Will try and get these works completed and up on this blog ASAP. To any one who reads this, thank you for your interts and sorry for making you wait between installments. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lincoln Moon Zombie War; First darwing complete.

First narrative drawing completed. I don't count the title page because it's the set up, not the story. Lots of black space, literally. This one was fun and very satisfying to draw. Some ideas crystalising for the next one. But right now I need to sleep.


Just put a better pic up, realised the that one was blurry this morning. Must give props to the iPhone 4S and it's improved camera, letting me post pictures so easily and with reasonable quality. My recently purchased Letraset Promarker helped me render the blackness of space with relative ease. It is giving my seldom used Corpic pen a run for it's money. Before you ask I have not sold out to Apple or doing adin in general, just giving my tools their due. These are the resources and means means I employ to create my drawings and post them on this blog. If Sharing this information can help others in their own practice I'm all for that. 

The idea for the next narrative drawing is becoming clearer. May start drawing soonish. I also must give thanks to my corporate sponsers Coke, Pepsi, Hasbro, Matel, McDonalds, Apple and those people that invented Neenish Tarts. 

Stay tuned.

The War begins....

The Lincoln Moon Zombie War is turning out to be a of fun. Well, for me anyway. In this picture we see a 3/4 finished opening drawing of the narrative. Note to any one who cares; a lunar land scape (or my interpretation of one) really quick and effective to draw. Lots of 'scuffing' and simple sketchy detail which may have taken all of 10 minutes to get down on paper.

Also in this photo are two great books kind of serving as an inspiration for this project. The book on Abraham Lincoln I found randomly at the Library, it is a 'school facty book' that was published in 1981. It contains some fantastic pictures and early photos of the man himself, as well as certain passages detailing Lincoln's physical abilities. It says among other things he could hold an ax horizontally by the end of the handle for sustained periods. Even toward the end of his life. That is not an easy thing to do. Further proof the dude was a powerhouse.

'Surviving The Zombie Outbreak' was an awesome Christmas gift from my wife. It is a highly detailed and in it's own way highly useful that has handy tips for surviving in a post cataclysm world. Although this book really is most effective when utilised during a zombie outbreak. 

Stay tuned. More ideas forming. Will post finished pics of 2nd drawing ASAP.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Lincoln Moon Zombie War

After a hiatus of sorts, I am back into drawing attempting what may be my most technically daring project. It has long been an ambition of mine to create a visual narrative; kind of like a comic told in a much simpler visual format (minimal images / drawing panels / some text and speech clouds). Each drawing can be viewed individually and if the series is viewed in it's entirity  (hopefully) a narrative becomes apparent. 

Which brings us to 'The Lincoln Moon Zombie War'. The visual narrative will depict a battle between Abraham Lincoln and zombie astronuats, taking place on the moon of course. that is about as simply as I can explain this concept, which has been influenced by a growing interest Abraham Lincoln and the possibility of him possessing super strength (thanks to Peter for setting me on this course). 

I am begining the second drawing (that initiates the narrative) and I find myself attempting things unprecedented in recent years; perspective, landscapes, complicated viewpoints. This has a knock on effect creating a higher degree of difficulty because of the way I draw (ink with no pencils). Also having to redraw Lincoln and the Zombies from previous drawings can be tricky - but the more I draw them the easier it gets. Aesthetically, the work is looking very different. In a sesne this is the most satisfying part of the whole process, creating a whole new stylistic appoach to embody an idea.

Stay tuned. The Lincoln Zombie Moon War has only just begun...