Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Preparing for NOWCON - Drawering Preview

This drawering marks the breaking of my signifficant vow never to draw a unicorn again, but feed back from friends and patrons from the HMOP EXPO have made me rethink exactly why I would even make such a stupid vow? Besides an Octohawk needs a mortal enemy, when you think about it the Octohawk is actually perfect adapted to this very purpose. 

I have been Drawering every night, and sometimes in the day when time and family permits, in preparation for the first annual Geek Culture extravaganza NOWCON. I am aiming to get as much new original work created to display at my stall in the NOWCON artists alley, all of which will be for sale of course (except for my Character Lexicon that will be on display also). I will also be drawing on the day, to pass the time, engage others in the process of drawering and to add to the existing amount of work I have created already.

I will also be bringing a few things that give NOWCON patrons an idea of what inspires me and the drawerings I create. This will be a collection of books, comics, graphic novels and toys that will definitely NOT be for sale but are there to promote conversation and add to the whole milieu of geekness on the day.

Hope to see you there at Wesley Hall Nowra between 9am and 5pm. Should be an awesome time I would love to see you there if you are reading this and are able to physically be there on the day.

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