Saturday, September 17, 2011

Post HMOP EXPO post.

After a great night and slightly too much amazing Hop Dog Beer (thanks Tim) I am Just trying to comprehend the amazing support that I received last night at the HMOP EXPO opening. Initially I was just hoping my friends would turn up, but nothing could have prepared me for how well it all went. I met some great new people like KAWAII MAMA whom I talked with about 80's influences, Unicorns, Cassettes and other interesting things. It was great to meet and chat with Danielle from The Cake Store who purchased and Octohawk drawering (see above) as it was to meet all those people old friends and new who liked my artwork enough to buy it. I am lucky to know such great people.
There is a massive thank-a-you due to bonjos my amazing wife. She has been prodding and suggesting me to get a show together, without her instigation, skills in presenting the art works and merchandise, and general love and appreciation all the artworks would still be sitting in a draw. Last but not least thank you Yasmin at Mr Pickles and Me who was also a great impetus to getting this exhibition thing going and allowing me to stage the HMOP EXPO at her fabulous shop.
This has all inspired me to keep drawing; there are unicorns, tree people and octohawks in the pipeline. Stay tuned and thanks to all once again.

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