Monday, July 11, 2011

Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups 'Golden Drawering' limited edition - available in store at Mr Pickles and Me

They are finally available and ready for y'all to find the 'Golden Drawering' - in one of ten initial limited editions of Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups. But if the drawing eludes you, don't worry! Console yourself with a corny inscription on the back of each of these ten books. I have aimed to improve this next run of Books. The books are made from a thicker more resilient paper and a greater amount of work has gone into the original drawerings that constitute this book. As usual I have something brewing in my mind for the next phase of the project. Stay tuned. 

The 'Golden Drawering'.

Just completed - the Golden Drawering which will be the prize (of sorts) hidden in one of ten personally inscribed limitied editions 'Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups' books available at Mr Pickles and Me in the very near future. It is a tape, for those of you remember what those were. Back in the day I only ever purchased 90 minute tapes, the 60's just seemed too short for a really good mix tape. It kind of felt like a law I had to follow, that a mix tape has to be 90 minutes in duration. The HMOP 90 features in the Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups, so it seemed only right that Golden Drawering should feature it's poorer cousin. Hope you all like it and want to find it.

Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups - preview available in store at Mr Pickles and Me

'Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups' is now available in a hard copy preview in store at Mr Pickles and Me in Nowra. This will be followed by a limited edition run of ten 'golden drawing' Comfy Cabin for Grown ups books to buy, then a standard run of a larger quantity. The 'golden drawering' run will be individually inscribed by myself and one will contain a small and authentic HMOP art work - the enigmatic and as yet uncompleted 'golden drawering'. A 2nd run of Comfy Cabin for children is underway with some slight changes. Check out the preview and tell me what you think. It's all a bit of fun really.