Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SOHI Magazine and Illustration

This is the Sohi magazine image that is part of great article 'Eat Your Ethics'. This was my first experience working to a brief and deadline, and I got to say I had a ball doing it. That is not to say that I loved doing this illustration because it was easy. The idea provoked my interest and the translation from my brain to the paper was really fluid and very immediate. Also Rebecca from Sohi, who gave me the brief, was brilliant. It is great working with someone who has similar ideas and understands the importance of an aesthetic and an image supporting words and vice versa.  

Here is a copy of what I wrote in the bio;

I only draw in ink pen on paper, primarily without penciling the image first. I find this gives my work an intangible wonkiness. When I draw I do so to conjure images, ideas and narratives. It is a process that is familiar yet when it is working well I feel as if it is out of my control. Drawing is an activity in which lose myself and become absorbed in my imagination.

If I had to define my self as an artist I would say that I am an ‘inside artist’. By this I mean someone who doesn't show his work to many people and keeps it  hidden away inside in a plan draw. I create art for myself and in a way I am  the biggest fan of my own work. I have a lot invested emotionally in seeing an image take shape and come to fruition. I love creating my own conceptually amalgamated ‘drawerings’ but I like the challenge of working to a brief, bringing my style to render another individuals concept.

The work of other artist like Marcel Dzama, Frank Quietly and Jean-Michel Basquiat are as important to me stylistically as commercial imagery from 1980’s toys, related advertising and cartoons. Most popular culture influences from the 1980’s where probably pivotal in forming my aesthetic values as well as my taste in music.

I am really grateful for the chance to show people a little of what I do and why I do it. That's pretty much it. 



  1. Nice work, Tommenstein! Your "Food Pyramid Of Doom" is an inspiration to us all!

  2. Everyone except that damn Menson?! Remeber him? Thanks for the props anyways.