Friday, April 1, 2011

Official HMOP Insignia

I know Logo can be a dirty word with some people, but calling it a seal just didn't seem right - so I'll call it an insignia. The HMOP insignia has come out of necessity, so when the Comfy Cabin books and other things in the future are out there in the world going to people who don't know me, they know what I am and where to see more of my work (I added this Blogger address at the bottom of the image in my hand written 'wonky font'). If you are wondering about the nature of the insignia itself then let me explain; the whole heroic master idea came from the 1980's toy line and cartoon 'Master of the Universe'. All the good characters where 'Heroic Masters', for example Man-at-Arms is the 'Heroic Master of Weapons'. The sword in this image is obviously shaped like the pen that I draw with, hence I am the 'Heroic Master of Pens.' 

I should also like to thank Rebecca and all the nice people at SOHI creative southern living for publishing my work and offering me a tremendous opportunity. I really enjoyed drawing the ethical food pyramid (buy the latest SOHI to find out more) and I am really chuffed that I finally have something out there.

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