Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups - preview and update

Here are four pictures from the up coming and still being drawn 'Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups'. This book is a lot more intensive, because I am trying to make the grown ups edition more about having fun and colouring while adding to an existing artwork. As you can see by the images there is a definite old school aesthetic, which everyone may not be into... but I gotta do what I gotta do. I am having a blast drawing this and only have two more to go. The last few drawerings are not living 'back in the day' but are looking more along the lines of 'mystical and awesome'.

Getting close. Wait and see.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Comfy Cabin For Children available now.

After much work from bonnie and myself, Comfy Cabin for Children is now available at Mr Pickles and Me in Nowra. For me, this is the first concerted attempt at anything creative in a while. I have created a few minor touches and additions for when (and if) the current batch of Comfy Cabin for Children sell out. I'm currently in the midst of creating 'Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups', which is a bit different aesthetically but roughly pitching the same idea. Hope you all enjoy it.

A huge thank you to Yasmin for selling my work at Mr Pickles. And to any one who buys this little book, it means a lot to me - so thank you so very much. 

More on the way. Wait and see.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SOHI Magazine and Illustration

This is the Sohi magazine image that is part of great article 'Eat Your Ethics'. This was my first experience working to a brief and deadline, and I got to say I had a ball doing it. That is not to say that I loved doing this illustration because it was easy. The idea provoked my interest and the translation from my brain to the paper was really fluid and very immediate. Also Rebecca from Sohi, who gave me the brief, was brilliant. It is great working with someone who has similar ideas and understands the importance of an aesthetic and an image supporting words and vice versa.  

Here is a copy of what I wrote in the bio;

I only draw in ink pen on paper, primarily without penciling the image first. I find this gives my work an intangible wonkiness. When I draw I do so to conjure images, ideas and narratives. It is a process that is familiar yet when it is working well I feel as if it is out of my control. Drawing is an activity in which lose myself and become absorbed in my imagination.

If I had to define my self as an artist I would say that I am an ‘inside artist’. By this I mean someone who doesn't show his work to many people and keeps it  hidden away inside in a plan draw. I create art for myself and in a way I am  the biggest fan of my own work. I have a lot invested emotionally in seeing an image take shape and come to fruition. I love creating my own conceptually amalgamated ‘drawerings’ but I like the challenge of working to a brief, bringing my style to render another individuals concept.

The work of other artist like Marcel Dzama, Frank Quietly and Jean-Michel Basquiat are as important to me stylistically as commercial imagery from 1980’s toys, related advertising and cartoons. Most popular culture influences from the 1980’s where probably pivotal in forming my aesthetic values as well as my taste in music.

I am really grateful for the chance to show people a little of what I do and why I do it. That's pretty much it. 


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Comfy Cabin For Children Preview - continued.

Three more images from the up coming 'Comfy Cabin for Children' book. To see the rest you may have to find a copy of one at Mr Pickles and Me (located in Nowra, NSW) in the near future. I am getting some good ideas for 'Comfy Cabin for Grown Ups', and I aiming to get started on it tonight. And if you like how the pictures of the 'drawerings' look, you can thank my wife Bonnie for her astute eye. Or visit green crumbs She is an amazing artist and resourceful and ecologically minded person whom I really dig. 

Gonna get drawering now. Wait and see.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Official HMOP Insignia

I know Logo can be a dirty word with some people, but calling it a seal just didn't seem right - so I'll call it an insignia. The HMOP insignia has come out of necessity, so when the Comfy Cabin books and other things in the future are out there in the world going to people who don't know me, they know what I am and where to see more of my work (I added this Blogger address at the bottom of the image in my hand written 'wonky font'). If you are wondering about the nature of the insignia itself then let me explain; the whole heroic master idea came from the 1980's toy line and cartoon 'Master of the Universe'. All the good characters where 'Heroic Masters', for example Man-at-Arms is the 'Heroic Master of Weapons'. The sword in this image is obviously shaped like the pen that I draw with, hence I am the 'Heroic Master of Pens.' 

I should also like to thank Rebecca and all the nice people at SOHI creative southern living for publishing my work and offering me a tremendous opportunity. I really enjoyed drawing the ethical food pyramid (buy the latest SOHI to find out more) and I am really chuffed that I finally have something out there.