Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ill Repute character initial snap shot: 'The origin of a thing that happened'

This idea fro this initial panel / art work came to me in three distinct waves. 

The first part; Having three characters crawling from the mesa like structure that is the as yet unnamed mystical tree stump was clear. Fauxes was the only character who I knew would be there from the start. Some how Wishes and Exterminizer found their way into the drawing. Now I was left with a nice composition in one half of the picture...and a way too much blank space above.

Now the second part of this drawing, how to balance out the composition, literally came to me whilst I was in the shower. Drawings the dreams and visions these characters have. Fauxes 'vision image' is still unclear to me, but I felt it had to be there. Emphasising Wishes role as a companion for Pely Mell just made sense.The last part was simply just an over whelming urge to cast the scene on a black background, and my Copic marker took care of that.

What I like about this picture is I had no clear idea where it was going but it seemed to resolve itself. It is unclear if the individuals crawling from the stump hole are being born or emerging from an ordeal. Hopefully both

Stay tuned.

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  1. I like this concept Tom, the way it's coming together in a backwards Memento type of way is really cool, and the fact that you're not afraid to put pen to paper without having the full story ready in your head must be really liberating, and must also do wonders for your productivity as you needn't waste time with too much planning. Bravo.