Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS: the thematic rules

Here is the completed title page from the 'Mother and Son Draw / er \ ings' series. I really love drawing title pages, but as fun as they are to create they should serve a function. Each object on this title page corresponds with 'dashes' numbering the picture each object appears in. Basically my 'dumb encryption' indicates the order of the drawings (obviously) while letting the viewer 'join the dots' in relation to object and the drawings they originate from.

The rules by which these drawings were created, often talked about and promised (by me) to be revealed in previous blogs, are very simple. And here they are. 

They are that;

  • two things must be engaged in some kind tangible battle or conflict.
  • the text used must only be something that could be said in the context of an overly dramatic argument between a mother and son.
  • the characters / creatures / objects / things that I draw must be able to be the prototypes for awesome toys that I would want to own. Ideally the the characters from each drawing would be sold as a two figure set (accessories included and window boxed).
 And that is about it. 'Mother and son Draw / er \ ings' was a very satisfying series because it gave me back the sense of freedom and fun that I feel had been missing from my work. This concept allowed me to create drawings instead of planning them. 

It has also cleared the way for the next thing I shall be embarking upon. A vastly different journey, where I find myself returning to a very different place. I am going homeward in a way, to a place / idea / land that through my own creative neglect - has lain dormant. 

I am of course talking about (to quote myself) the 'ill fated no-pencils-just-inks comic escapade called 'Ill Repute' (which I don't not consider dead, just unvisited...for a while)'. Except this time I will be using pencils and inks and cutting back on the detailing some what, as to stop my self going mad.

Stay tuned.


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