Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS No. 7

Here is the final picture, No. 7 in 'Mother and Son Draw / er \ ings' and I am glad to finally complete this series with the 7th work. The 'quad-owl' was fun to create allowing me to draw tentacles, which is always a bonus. No. 7 was by far the easiest of the series to complete, I am not sure why it just seemed to come easier and by the seventh drawing I was fussing less and just putting it down on the paper more. Another post will follow ASAP, with  the Completed Title page and the long postponed explanation of the 'Mother and Son Draw / er \ ings' thematic rules that each picture in the series has adhered to.

Stay tuned.


  1. Haha, awesome! A giant tentacled owl with goggles and a rocket-powered wolf. I just got Greened.


  2. Greened, eh..?.your comments make me happy.

    You know I am just starting a new project...very different. All I will say is that I am giving an old idea new life. And I may even be able to draw. Monkeys and Dynamite and...whatever I wish becomes so.