Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ill Repute character lexicon - part 2

This is part 2 of the list of character that will be the Ill Repute project. But before I divulge any more about the characters themselves, I should really talk about the purpose of the 'lexicon' Itself

A lexicon can be defined a branch of knowledge, an individuals vocabulary, their language or a dictionary. These characters are helping me make meaning of an idea that upon my initial attempt I was not ready to embark upon. I needed a way to define the players, to let them distill - hence the need for the lexicon. It is the only term that feels right to apply to this collection of individuals who have been lurking in my mind, unfinished or unresolved - fully formed, created from a whim or dragged from the vault of projects past.

The lexicon does look quite nice a double page spread in my drawing folder, but it also serves a very practical purpose. It is a reference for me to draw and redraw characters. The lexicon is not a set at 10 characters, it will grow inevitably as the need arises. wait and see.

Now to the characters. Three of the five characters featured here are refugees from the former Ill Repute project and the even more antiquated Drunken Majestic.

  • Wizard Moon Slice - One of the original characters from the 'inks only' Ill Repute. Originally a refugee from the year 3,000 because of his desire to wear triangulated hot pants, he has had a makeover. It is unclear to me at this point as to what role he will play in this project
  • Wishes - The miniature horse who has owes his existence to my great desire not draw unicorns any more. In a way he is the son of two exiled unicorns from the Drunken Majestic series. Thanks to another epiphany and  the Chad Van Galen song 'Willow Tree' he has gained some clarity. In time it will become clear.
  • Exterminizer Zomboria - The character with possibly the longest and most unnecessary name, Exterimizer Zomboria is another defector from Drunken Majestic. Originally he had more of an animal body and slightly human head. Extermizer is one of the few characters so far whose identity is rendered to a greater degree. He only says two words, his flighty and can give people what they want in a way that is beyond his control.   
  • Intervention Mermaid - She actually looks more like her previous incarnation in the pages of Drunken Majestic than any of the other retooled characters. Not much known to me though except that she is magical in some way.  
  • Treybor - A completely new character inspired by the second drawing in the 'Mother and Son' series. Again, not much so far other than he is linked to the giant mystical tree stump. Obviously - he is made of wood.

Ideas are coming to me. Literally. Like a snap shot, a vision resembling a grab of animation. It is a lot of fun not knowing what I am drawing or where it is coming from.

Stay tuned. 


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