Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ill Repute character lexicon - part 1

This is the first half of the cast of players who will populate Ill Repute. 

Those who know me and my much, much older work will recognise one of the characters - that being Krumi Crackers. The character of Krumi Crackers originated form my only published comic 'Drunken Majestic' (printed in the Tertangala, Wollongong University News). 

Only 3 characters from the drunken Majestic series have qualified for life in Ill Repute. Unfortunately the cranky, alcoholic unicorn from which the comic was named after did not make the grade. He will stay in the past, where I feel he belongs. All the characters from Drunken Majestic have been completely recreated, only showing some minor visual influences of their former selves. Here are some breif notes on each;
  • Pely Mel - A female character who was just crystalising as I decided to abandon Ill Repute's original incarnation. At this point I just have intuition and feelings as to what a character will do, with Pely Mel she is at the crux of it all. That is about as much as I know.

  • Mozl - It sounds funny but I had a vision of a character with way too many teeth in his mouth, and he pretty much evolved from there. His role is clearer; a magician and host type character who puts on shows for the inhabitants of the town. He is generally nervous and his magic is fatally flawed involving displacing something, an act which he calls 'finding magic'.
  • Bird in Kind - Based on a New Zeland ground Parrot called a Kakapo. His arrival is very clear, as I am drawing it right now. What he will do is less certain, but he is a cranky bird, and especially dislikes Mozl (for good reason). 

  • Fauxes - This animal character appeared in the original Ill Repute 1 chapter comic as part of a time traveling sequence. At this point I know 2 things about him; he lives in giant mystical tree stump and he can see events that occur in the future.

  • Krumi Crackers -  An amusing character in the prehistory that was Drunken Majestic, Krumi Crackers is going to play a highly significant and less humourus role. The facts at this point; he hordes what is forbidden and cherishes it, his speech is limited and he has impulses that will effect others.

This new project is developing in a way that I have never experienced before. It is like the ideas for drawings come from remembered dreams and epiphanies. I feel like the concepts are from an older part of my brain, that have been hanging around in limbo since the first version of Ill Repute.

I am having fun. Stay tuned.

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