Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS No. 5


Here is the 5th drawing in the series. I have added detail pics to make it seem like I am doing more work than I actually am. I really like this drawing, mainly because it is resurrecting and updating two characters I created back when an I pod was a real novelty. 

In this Drawing are 'Skelotron' (the appropriation for Skeletor is obvious and intentional) and 'Keeper Cyclopticus', both were part of a long dead and overly complicated comic called 'The Character Project'. Within the story, they were M.U.H.A (Mystical Universal Heritage Agency) agents who maintained and monitored skull themed castles and unusual and mystical structures. I drew atleast 6 pages with no penciling just ink pen on paper - nice idea but labour intensive. And so they went away, moving to a town named 'unfinished ideas'.

So here they are, back from exile because. Why are they fighting I hear you ask? It just looks better that way. But there is actually something to that question. I will outline the thematic behind the Mother and Son series in the very near future.

Stay tuned. 

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