Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS No. 6





Finally. No. 6 done. I now have one more drawing left to complete this series. Featured in this work are two more characters from the long quiet 'Ill Repute' concept (see previous posts), 'Blizzard the Cyber Lizard' (again previous post re: preview) and the obtuse yet overpowering 'Pres-e-dent Chin-Waa Shark'. 

In the context of the Ill Repute comic, both of these characters originate from the far distant future, the year 3000 to be exact. Blizzard The Cyber Lizard is your standard sassy semi reptilian time traveling Keytarist. He was a a real hoot to draw and write for. Pres-e-dent Chin-Waa Shark only appeared in around two panels of the very short Ill Repute comic. He really didn't say a whole lot. He was kind of defined by his central political mandate; social change through the compulsory wearing of powerful belts and wrestling pants.

As I have done with these 'lost' characters, I have given them a aesthetic upgrade and in this case, added hovering sky platform for...well because I feel like it. A big part why 'Mother and Son Draw / er \ ings' has been so involving for me as the individual drawing it is because I have allowed myself to juxtapose absurd concepts will-nilly. It is kind of liberating when you just keep drawing and saying 'why not?'. 

I have decided to break down the thematic rules of this series as part of the very next post. I have to go. No.7 is taking shape inside of my head as we speak. Stay tuned.  


  1. Blizzard and Chin-Waa are welcome to hover over my roof terrace on their sky platforms whenever they want. They are insanely random and awesome.


  2. What are your views on President Chin-Waa Shark's political ideologies re: the compulsory wearing of powerful belts and wrestling pants.

  3. I'm all for it, although, like everyone else, I do worry about the elderly.

  4. I love that President Chin-waa Shark's platform is clearly made of stylish polished floorboards. Is that maple or teak? My bet is on maple.