Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS in progress.


Here is some art work from me, part of the 'mother and son' series I have been working on, and kind of ignoring as of late. My good friend Bodie but these up on his facebook a while ago so props to him for doing that. The idea / inspiration actually came from a chat with this intrepid young man and his partner Jess. Bodie as he is part of an awesome two piece called Mother and Son who I am a fan of. They rule.

Hopefully will post more when I finish the last pic, which is already 3/4 done. Damn myself for not finishing something that is nearly done! 

Stay tuned.


  1. These pictures are brilliant, Tom. I can not express how much I love them. I can only say "SCORPION BREATH!!!"


  2. Wow! Someone reads my blog! Your kind words mean a lot. I have had fun drawing them, it allows me to say 'why not' and then draw the flip out of it. I have 3 and 3/4 more drawings in this series. I will attempt to get them up ASAP.

  3. Holy crap Tom - I love these so much they make me want to lovepuke.

  4. Thank you. Benoir (who are you really? Hmmm) All this 'heat' is giving me the inspiration to finally finish this series. In fact, I'm gonna do that now.