Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS No. 7 updated preview


Continuing work on the 7th drawing, with a little snap shot of 'foxy wolf's' head and paws almost fully rendered. The thickness of the outline is deliberate, it's something I use to fudge depth and perspective - mainly because I tend to draw fairly flat images. Hatching and shading are also very handy for accentuating depth and adding volume to a figure or animal. And there is one thing that can not be underrated for it's effectiveness as drawing technique; the age old art of little scuffs. For me, It is those drawn scratches and marks on a character that can be the difference in a drawing being finished - or it being left incomplete and bothering the flip out of me.

More to come. You know what to do. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS No. 7 preview

Just finished initial inking of the 7th drawing in the series. The flying dog / fox cyborg is inked heavier as a foreground figure. But what is that? a tentacle attacking? Trust me you could not guess what the other thing is if you tried. stay tuned.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS No. 6





Finally. No. 6 done. I now have one more drawing left to complete this series. Featured in this work are two more characters from the long quiet 'Ill Repute' concept (see previous posts), 'Blizzard the Cyber Lizard' (again previous post re: preview) and the obtuse yet overpowering 'Pres-e-dent Chin-Waa Shark'. 

In the context of the Ill Repute comic, both of these characters originate from the far distant future, the year 3000 to be exact. Blizzard The Cyber Lizard is your standard sassy semi reptilian time traveling Keytarist. He was a a real hoot to draw and write for. Pres-e-dent Chin-Waa Shark only appeared in around two panels of the very short Ill Repute comic. He really didn't say a whole lot. He was kind of defined by his central political mandate; social change through the compulsory wearing of powerful belts and wrestling pants.

As I have done with these 'lost' characters, I have given them a aesthetic upgrade and in this case, added hovering sky platform for...well because I feel like it. A big part why 'Mother and Son Draw / er \ ings' has been so involving for me as the individual drawing it is because I have allowed myself to juxtapose absurd concepts will-nilly. It is kind of liberating when you just keep drawing and saying 'why not?'. 

I have decided to break down the thematic rules of this series as part of the very next post. I have to go. No.7 is taking shape inside of my head as we speak. Stay tuned.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS drawing 6 unfinished preview


This is a section of the 6th drawing in the 'Mother and Son Draw / er \ ings' series. The figure whom is fully inked and rendered (with the exception of his right hand) is the keytar toting, time traveling, sassy talking cyborg / humanoid /reptile - 'Blizzard the Cyber Lizard'. First given life in the tomes of another ill fated no-pencils-just-inks comic escapade called 'Ill Repute' (which I don't not consider dead, just unvisited...for a while). 


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS No. 5


Here is the 5th drawing in the series. I have added detail pics to make it seem like I am doing more work than I actually am. I really like this drawing, mainly because it is resurrecting and updating two characters I created back when an I pod was a real novelty. 

In this Drawing are 'Skelotron' (the appropriation for Skeletor is obvious and intentional) and 'Keeper Cyclopticus', both were part of a long dead and overly complicated comic called 'The Character Project'. Within the story, they were M.U.H.A (Mystical Universal Heritage Agency) agents who maintained and monitored skull themed castles and unusual and mystical structures. I drew atleast 6 pages with no penciling just ink pen on paper - nice idea but labour intensive. And so they went away, moving to a town named 'unfinished ideas'.

So here they are, back from exile because. Why are they fighting I hear you ask? It just looks better that way. But there is actually something to that question. I will outline the thematic behind the Mother and Son series in the very near future.

Stay tuned. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mother and Son DRAW / ER \ INGS in progress.


Here is some art work from me, part of the 'mother and son' series I have been working on, and kind of ignoring as of late. My good friend Bodie but these up on his facebook a while ago so props to him for doing that. The idea / inspiration actually came from a chat with this intrepid young man and his partner Jess. Bodie as he is part of an awesome two piece called Mother and Son who I am a fan of. They rule.

Hopefully will post more when I finish the last pic, which is already 3/4 done. Damn myself for not finishing something that is nearly done! 

Stay tuned.