Monday, October 19, 2009

Heroic Master of Pens / More Heroes.

These are some more self portraits as fiction icons, well they are icons to me any way. As some of these are a bit obscure, I will break it down in point form from top to bottom.
  • Heroic Master of Pens / Martian Manhunter - A comic book hero from DC Comics who had (in the past tense, because he died a fictional death) some kick ass powers and a kind spirit. Flight, super strength, telepathy, shape shifting, invisability and heat vision put him in class with Superman. He could hand 'Supes' a hiding, as long as no one lights a fire, which is was one of his a major weaknesses.
  • Heroic Master of Pens / Ghostbusters - In the 1980's, unless you lived in cave, deep with in the earth, with no access to a tv or radio or Beta video player, you would have heard of Ghostbusters. I mean the film was massive and one of the most successful comedies of all time. This was because it was a novel concept embodied in a well made movie with cast containing some of the best comedic actors of that era.
  • Heroic Master of Pens / Tron -  A film from the early 1980's, one of the first that used digital effects and environments. People involved in making this film are now instrumental personel at a little animation studio called Pixar. A sequel is on the way. Daft Punk is doing the sound track. I am happy to say the least.
  • Heroic Master of Pens / Ulysses 31 - Possibly the coolest cartoon series of the 1980's. Based on the Greek myth but set in the 31st century. Surprisingly dark and messed up. A french anime, dubbed amusingly and one awesome band (I do not know thier name) does all the music for the show. A true classic.