Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heroic Master of Pens / Transformers

These are all the self portraits I have drawn relating to Transformers. I have depicted myself as the Autobots (from top to bottom) Trailbreaker, Omega Supreme, Outback and Balster. The previous film review gave me a good excuse to post them. I am not being glib, but really, It is pretty damn obvious if a dude is drawing himself as Transformers he obviously digs them in major way. 

Since my Childhood I have just always thought they were cool. What kid in the 80's didn't? As I grew into a teengaer my interest may have dwindled, but I always respected how much fun I had palying with Transformers. In my mid twenties I began buying Beastwars transformers at the toystore and soon turned my attention to the old school 'robots in disguise'. My personal collection now stands at around 77and I have most of ones I want. As a collector you have to known when to stop - or at least slowdown. 

I love the vintage Transformers I have because they are amazing examples of toy design and superb in their detail. To a greater extent I relish the tangible sense of nostalga they bring to my own life and how friends and people I meet (who like / once liked this kind of thing) respond with a flash of joy when they see toys they may not have thought about since their childhood. I believe toys are for everyone at any age. Just hands off the ones in my cabinet.  

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