Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heroic Master of Pens / Masters of the Universe

These are some drawings from a series of twenty one self portraits. With the exception of three, I depicted my self as 1980's cartoon or toy character. In these pictures (from top to bottom) I am Orko, Man-E-Faces, Fisto and Mecaneck - all classic characters from the Masters of the Universe toy line and cartoon first released in 1982. Every Masters of the universe character, was either a 'Heroic Master' or 'Evil Master' of some weird skill. For example Fisto is the 'Heroic Master of Hand-to-Hand Combat' due to his very obvious giant metal hand. 

When these drawings where created, I was (as many other people at that time) was very much caught up in the novelty of Myspace. I am well and truely over that, having moved onto to Facebook and now twitter. Also being an avid 1980's toy collector (much more so when these drawings where created), combined with my love of drawing and a brain rotted by 80's half hour adds in the guise of cartoons - I created a Myspace page as the 'Heroic Master of Pens'. I regularly drew, scanned, photo shopped coloured backgrounds posting pictures of myself as many different toy and cartoon characters close to my heart. I got to twenty one or so portraits and kind of got sick of the idea, lost interest in Myspace and closed the book on a interesting idea. 

Now creating this Blog, it kind of seemed natural to resurrect 'the power of pens' and revisit this creative exploration. To use an absurd metaphor; If I was a farmer it only seems right to give these pictures ample time roam the paddock and eat some grass. 

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